Success Tips for December

This time of the year leaves many leaders in a quandary.  Celebrate, reflect, reward, close deals, finish projects, make budget.  There are many activities and some seem to actually work against each other.

  1. To close the final deals, identify the opportunities best aligned with end-of-the-year plans of your clients.  If your project is not on that list, it is difficult to get the time you need to complete the deal.
  2. Be absolutely clear about the priorities for EOY with your staff.  There is so much “noise” during this season, leaders need to provide clear and simple guidance.
  3. Don’t overbook yourself.  Many of us attempt to execute too much.  Stay focused on the three most important items for your company.
  4. Let your team do their job (and help them).  My guess is your staff knows what is urgent and important to meet end-of-year goals.  Get out of their way!  But, be willing to offer a helpful strategy call or other guidance.
  5. Be calm.  Most of your staff members and colleagues know the end-of-year challenges and opportunities and are watching how you handle it.

It’s a great time to set an example.