“No Phone Calls, Please.”

I review Association job postings often to monitor trends in the industry. Position availability provides a window into what type of organization and culture exists. It’s fascinating actually. I have a great interest in sales positions, as I’ve found often that our business development services could be a fit.
“No Phone Calls, Please,’ is a common phrase in these posting.

I know it’s probably pro forma language, but seriously – no phone calls? What kind of sales person do you want? Do you want a someone with a hunter approach or not? Hunters intuitively want to make the call and those are the folks you want dialing up your customers.  It is the behavior you should reinforce.

In sales, we teach our people to be innovative, to differentiate yourself and learn about the decision-making process. This strategy leads them to ascertain whether your firm is a fit for the client through meaningful dialogue.

“No Calls, Please,” conveys send me your resume and don’t bother us. We’re too busy and just submit to our system. They probably don’t want members to call either.

I say, “Phone Calls, Please.” I want to hear what you’ve got going for you and whether you are ready to take what is necessary to get the job – or the order. If an applicant is calling every day; well, I want to talk to that guy or gal. She is showing exactly the persistence I want!

For your consideration on your next hire, get the people that show from the outset the qualities you seek and need in sales.

Image credit: Pixabay

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