A Major Membership Recruitment Opportunity – the Medium-Sized Business


Many associations are gravitating to the recruitment of small or large businesses.  The biggest opportunity, but fraught with challenges, is the recruitment of the medium-sized business in your industry. After recruiting a number of them, we find these medium sized companies are a different animal.

Our experience shows medium-sized businesses want to scale – they want to get bigger as multi-state and national companies. That’s one of their goals.

As a result, they truly value market intelligence. What kind of insights, statistics, and data can you deliver to these companies? It’s very valuable to them.

Finally, since they haven’t yet scaled to a national operator, they are very focused on state legislative issues.

So, to recruit these organizations, it may require a completely different narrative for them.

#1 Establish a task force with medium-sized businesses to identify what issues are most important. And, turn that information into a specific story and value proposition for those medium-sized members.

#2 Although I’m not a huge membership dues discount fan (as you’ve probably read in other postings), a focused incentive or special program for the medium-sized prospect might get them over the finish line. Here’s why. Medium-sized companies are still “value shoppers” and still have a small-business mentality.  In many cases, the founder is still running the business.  And, to be honest, they have made it this far without you. Therefore, the value must be a tremendous opportunity.

#3 Also, consider a specific onboarding plan for these medium-sized members. They have not fully integrated into government relations and advocacy like your big folks, so they may have some very specific issues that are impacting them – align their participation accordingly.

I think these companies are a fantastic recruitment opportunity right now for your association. If you would like to speak directly about membership growth, I’m always open to chat.  Click here for a direct connection with my schedule.