“Your dues are too expensive.”

The “too expensive” objection is not uncommon by those selling association membership.  The common drop down response is to offer a payment plan, a pro-rated dues structure or a “two for one year” discount.  This might get the prospect in the door, but it really doesn’t address the story behind the objection – IT ISN’T WORTH IT TO ME.
And, that my friends, is the key part of the membership recruitment issue.  The membership model isn’t dead.  In fact, my belief it is more important then ever for business organizations to have influence.

We should recruit companies that find our value proposition is worth every penny.

Companies seeking leadership roles in an industry, needing the regulatory or compliance expertise or understanding that opponents elected to Congress can do harm need associations – and our membership is worth it to them.

So, my challenge to you is find those companies.

Read Seth Godin’s recent blog on the subject of “too expensive.”

And, here are a few tips to deal with it.

1.  Refrain from positioning your association as “the voice of the industry.”  Bull.  We are the voice of companies that get the joke, and join our association.

2. Don’t discount your dues.  If you are putting lead on the target – membership is worth every penny.

3.  We are looking for organizations that are a fit.  Do you want seat at the table with the industry leaders?  To know and have input regarding a regulation that can kill a product line?  To do business with the most proactive companies in the industry?  If the answer is yes, let’s talk.  If not…

It’s too expensive.