Define Your Association’s Value Proposition


How well can your association articulate your value prop? Defining member value and what differentiates you from other organizations in your industry is often a challenge – and, it can’t be developed by a group on K Street.

The opportunity for associations to adopt and develop a strong value proposition is by asking your members what the heck they find valuable about your organization. In this situation, often the challenge for associations is they’ve only reached out to their board of directors, who have limited interaction with the association and haven’t had the member experience.

My advice would be to engage in a series of conversations with 12 different members across the board in terms of why they joined the association and what the most significant benefit has been.

Cluster these folks.  Reach out to some based on membership category; those who are engaged more heavily in meetings and events; members who take advantage of your major services or benefits; and those who lean into your advocacy efforts. Ask them to be specific about what they value in these areas. How do these offerings help their business?

When your members share their authentic, real-life experiences, you can highlight their stories, which is the real gold that will help define, build out, and articulate your member value.