JP Moery’s Association Playbook – Episode 81: A Killer Prospect Engagement Tactic – Moery Company

Host JP Moery is pretty pumped about a new engagement strategy that’s proven highly effective with his prospects. His goal is to play the long game, provide value, and build awareness about his business services. He shares this approach in his latest podcast.

JP Moery’s Association Playbook – Episode 80: Chapter Relations… Are They Worth It? – Moery Company

Chapter relations – such a common and frustrating issue within associations at the national level. Host JP Moery has heard the debates over and over again. Organizations want to know what they should be doing with their state chapters and local affiliates and whether or not developing these relations are really worth it. He shares several insights during his latest podcast.


JP Moery’s Association Playbook – Episode 79: Want Attention? Up the Frequency and Admit You’ve Screwed Up! – Moery Company

For months, host JP Moery, has dedicated an unprecedented amount of time communicating about growing a small business, leadership, and associations. He’s learned so much through this process – both good and bad. During his latest episode, he lays it all on the table: urging you to up the frequency in your social media efforts, showing vulnerability in your communications, and more. He hopes some of these learning moments can help your growth. We invite you to listen in.




JP Moery’s Association Playbook – Episode 78: Getting Your Mind Right for Success – Moery Company

“The next big trend in executive development will be the honing of your mental skills and mind,” says host JP Moery.  He believes wholeheartedly our mental acuity, intellectual curiosity, and flexibility are fast becoming key performance indicators for all executives. Along those lines, he shares some strategies that are working for him. Listen in.

JP Moery’s Association Playbook – Episode 77: My Top 3 Business “Rereads” for 2017 – Moery Company

[et_pb_section admin_label=”section”] [et_pb_row admin_label=”row”] [et_pb_column type=”4_4″] [et_pb_text admin_label=”Text”] There are several business books that have had a tremendous impact on host JP Moery’s professional life and he points out there are some books, like classic movies, worth rereading – again and again. Some of those classics are probably sitting on your shelves right now full of excellent insights worth revisiting. In his latest episode, he recommends his top 3 business books, which are on his list of rereads for 2017.




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Association Labs – Episode 76: 5 Hints for Working With an “Expert” – Moery Company

We are undergoing an incredible communications revolution – the biggest since the printing press was invented, says Host JP Moery. However, he warns because there are no barriers to entry, almost anyone can position themselves as an expert… and, take your money in the process. In his latest podcast, JP offers 5 hints for working with an “expert.”


Association Labs – Episode 75: Life Hacks from a Good ‘Ole Oklahoma Boy – Moery Company

As 2016 drew to a close, many bloggers, leadership gurus, and self-improvement specialists provided you guidance on “resolutions” for the coming year. With February 2017 now coming to an end, most of us have to admit that some of those resolutions have fallen by the wayside. Host JP Moery – a good ‘ole Oklahoma boy shares several strategies to reinvigorate those goals you’d set for yourself.


Association Labs – Episode 74: “No Phone Calls, Please.” – Moery Company

“No Phone Calls, Please,” is a common phrase in association job postings. Host JP Moery frequently reviews these job descriptions as he holds great interest in sales positions, and has often found his own business development services could be a great fit. But, seriously – no phone calls? What kind of sales person do you want? JP shares his perspective in his latest podcast.



Association Labs – Episode 73: Will Your Association Survive? – Moery Company

If the American economy were to tank again, host JP Moery firmly believes some associations will cease to exist; while others will simply become a shadow of their former selves. And, if you can see that on the horizon for your organization, isn’t it an incredible opportunity to totally hit the reset button. How do you do that in 2017? JP shares a few fresh strategies in his latest podcast.


Association Labs – Episode 72: Selling Small Business Member Prospects by Shortening the Sales Cycle – Moery Company

Here’s the bottom line: business people simply have less time than ever before and host JP Moery believes these folks, much like himself, want to make decisions quicker about their business. And, association and organizational salespeople must come to terms with this emerging trend. How do we shorten the sales cycle and, by doing so, successfully on-board our small business prospects? As a small business owner, JP will tell you how. Listen in.