I’m Ready to Be on Your Team

by JP Moery

Throughout the association space, senior-level professionals face mounting pressure to grow their organization’s bottom line. Yet, many don’t have a trusted resource for candid, confidential advice on how to move the needle.

In response to this growing need, I’m very pleased to announce the launch of my 1:1 Association Consulting Program, designed for business development, membership, sponsorship, and marketing leaders to improve performance and achieve better results.

1:1 is an exclusive program featuring weekly, monthly, and annual engagement opportunities focused on providing consultation, relevant communications, and advice in the areas specific to your unique challenges.

Here are the details –  JP Moery’s 1:1 Association Consulting Program. And, then let’s get to work. – JP

Fire-Up Your Quest for Sucess

Three things to remember regarding your quest for success:

  1. Fear robs your potential.  It keeps you from asking for the deal, getting the information needed to deliver, meeting the person who can make a difference in life or you just don’t even try.  Kick fear in the teeth.

Whenever you feel fear…do exactly what you are afraid of.  You will reap the benefits.

  1. The street of results is paved with ridiculous amounts of action.  Every time I have reached an unprecedented success, it is because of breaking previous records of activity.

Every Friday your competition is late to the office, reading the paper or knocking off early.  Buck the conventional, make today your most productive.

  1. Ask this question right now.  “What is the most important thing I can do right now to accelerate success in my life?” Do it…Now.

Heck, now I’m even fired up! See you soon.

Success Tips for December – Washington DC Association Consultant

This time of the year leaves many leaders in a quandary.  Celebrate, reflect, reward, close deals, finish projects, make budget.  There are many activities and some seem to actually work against each other.

  1. To close the final deals, identify the opportunities best aligned with end-of-the-year plans of your clients.  If your project is not on that list, it is difficult to get the time you need to complete the deal.
  2. Be absolutely clear about the priorities for EOY with your staff.  There is so much “noise” during this season, leaders need to provide clear and simple guidance.
  3. Don’t overbook yourself.  Many of us attempt to execute too much.  Stay focused on the three most important items for your company.
  4. Let your team do their job (and help them).  My guess is your staff knows what is urgent and important to meet end-of-year goals.  Get out of their way!  But, be willing to offer a helpful strategy call or other guidance.
  5. Be calm.  Most of your staff members and colleagues know the end-of-year challenges and opportunities and are watching how you handle it.

It’s a great time to set an example.

My Personal Advisory Board – Washington DC Association Consultant

Many thought leaders have been gracious enough to become members of my unique and exclusive advisory board.  These individuals volunteer their time and expertise to make me a better leader, salesperson and business owner.  They visit me weekly and provide helpful counsel.

What I forgot to mention is they don’t know me from the man in the moon.  Each advisory board member has on-line content sent to my automatic feed or the great podcast aggregator, Stitcher.

Their knowledge might help you as well. Here is my lineup:

On leadership:  Michael Hyatt with his podcast and blog.
On sales: Bill Caskey and Bryan Neale of the Advanced Selling Podcast.
On entrepreneurship: Well-known financial adviser Dave Ramsey has fantastic content for the business owner with Entreleadership.
On marketing: There is only one Seth Godin.

There are others I call in from time to time, including Jeffrey Gitomer, Tom Peters and DC’s own John Doyle.

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