How to Start Your Own Blog

I had two great conversations about blogging recently, so I am inspired to pass on a few tips on how to get started. First – don’t be concerned with creating cutting-edge content or attempt to be profound. Believe me; I am not profound. What I’ve learned is the importance to simply document and journal what […]

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Guess Who Was the Worst Salesperson of All Time?

Yours truly. I was the worst salesperson ever because I had so much ego wrapped into the sales process. In my mind, the sale was all about “me,” not about “them” – the prospect. As a result, whenever I was rejected, which happens to all sales professionals, my ego was deflated. When I became fearful […]

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Three Things That Changed My Professional Life

My professional career was moving at a good pace as I entered my 30s, and I have a lot of people to thank for that. But, several things occurred in my life at that time that were absolute game-changers for me. Now, these might not be the right things for you; but, I think there […]

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A Message for New Entrepreneurs – You Won’t Be First…

I have a few nuggets of advice for entrepreneurs who want to: hang out a shingle, run my own thing, be a CEO, be a President, build something that’s mine, act on my great ideas no one else wanted to do, and, of course, BE THE BOSS! If that is your motivation – stop and re-think it before […]

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If I Were to Launch My Business Again, Here’s What I’d do Differently

If I could go back in time and relaunch The Moery Company, I’d make some key changes to my approach. First off, I’d put more work into my pricing structure. When you first start a business, you are naturally concerned people won’t “buy.”  Here’s what I learned:  I was so worried people weren’t going to […]

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A Fantastic Sales Tactic

The best association executive I’ve ever been around was a master at business development. He would close most meetings this way, “Based on what you have heard about this association and how we are helping businesses, who else should we talk to?” With one question an endorsement was being asked, and a closing mechanism was being […]

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Workplace Flexibility + Empowerment + Transparency = Success

My philosophy has always been: “Work is what you do, not where you do it.” During one of our recent morning “pep rallies,” Moery Sales Associate, Madeline Trabucco put forth to our staff a fascinating topic: “1) Why did you choose to join The Moery Company, and 2) Why do you stay?” The answers were […]

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Has Complacency Become a Leadership Hurdle for You?

As a leader, have you found yourself content with the status quo? Unwilling to make a growth change in your organization? Yes, you’ve had success in business – but hey, ask yourself, “What have you done lately?” When was the last time you ventured outside the comfort zone, took a risk? My guess, if this […]

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Keep Your Foot on the Gas

First quarter is about over. You’re into a business rhythm. You can see a nice upturn. But, don’t get complacent … Challenge your organization to be disruptive. Resurrect your creative appetite for new programs, intensive development and improvement. This is the time of the year where the cadence of business becomes a bit repetitive and […]

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My #1 Business Tip

My daughter, Grace was home from college recently and we were chatting about business and some of things that make you successful. It heartens me that at her age – she has an active interest. But, from our conversation, one aspect came up that is so basic – you’re going to laugh. But, I’ve seen […]

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