How ‘Thank You’ Notes Have Changed My Life

In the last few weeks, I’ve started writing a thank you note every day. I’ve been amazed by the effect on me. In business, we can often get in a zone, or a roll, or have big mo and just move on to the next activity or sales presentation.  But, to pause and pen a […]

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Game Changer – Implementing the Power of Five

Early this year I was “firing up” about the prospects of 2018 – and, scouring my resources to find a new tactic which might add a gear to my productivity. Fortunately, I connected with @andyfrisella and his MFCEOProject – a series of advice podcasts and postings. Warning: Very explicit. What resonated so much was his Power of […]

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One Tweak to Make to Your Sales Cycle in 2018

Every year, I take a good look at my sales approach with client prospects – what’s working great and what’s not. During 2017, I was losing momentum at the proposal stage, which really shouldn’t be the case at all. Once the proposal is out, we really should be at a point of confirming scope, pricing […]

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Do You Really Want It?

I’m so encouraged by people who show desire and enthusiasm for success.  Images of material wealth are all around us, seemingly accessible (especially in the Washington, DC area) and almost easy to obtain.  Beautiful homes, fast cars, lots of nice gear.  These images are a mirage for many. Those who seek these proxies of material […]

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Creating a Real Win-Win: Opportunities for Associations to Help Sponsors Become Thought Leaders

Every association CEO’s No. 1 job is helping members be successful, whether they are companies banding together in a trade group or individuals convening in a professional society. As such, many association leaders are often asked to guard the sanctity of their members against heavy-handed sales tactics of vendors and sponsors. They keep sponsors on […]

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The Dangers of December

December really is like August for me – both are months in which business traditionally tends to slow down, but I view them as opportunities to do some of your best work. However, the December “danger” is not executing or making poor business decisions, which may cripple your business for the next year. December pipeline […]

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Launching JP Moery’s 1:1 Association Consulting Program

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I’m Ready to Be on Your Team

Throughout the association space, senior-level professionals face mounting pressure to grow their organization’s bottom line. Yet, many don’t have a trusted resource for candid, confidential advice on how to move the needle. In response to this growing need, I’m very pleased to announce the launch of my 1:1 Association Consulting Program, designed for business development, […]

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Fired-Up Friday & Your Quest for Success

Three things to remember regarding your quest for success: Fear robs your potential.  It keeps you from asking for the deal, getting the information needed to deliver, meeting the person who can make a difference in life or you just don’t even try.  Kick fear in the teeth! Whenever you feel fear…do exactly what you are afraid […]

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Life Hacks for Success in Business

When are my best days in the office? Those are the days I get out of bed and WORK OUT. I hit CrossFit 3 times a week because it’s something that gets my blood going. By the time I walk into the office, I’m ready to go, instead of trying to do it with a […]

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