Amp Up Your Organization’s Messaging through Social Media

A Moery Company LogoAs I continue to focus ON my business this year, I’ve made some serious headway leveraging the myriad options social media has to offer. I’m making major bets on Periscope, Snapchat, Live Streaming, Blogging, Podcasting, Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook & Hootsuite – the latter of which allows me to co-schedule my technology platform simultaneously.
There are minimal costs to this effort and if you want to start courting younger prospects and demographics, in general – this is where they live and this where you need to be. As an association CEO, you need to get out there, because I tell you there is no excuse not to. If you haven’t already, set up a twitter profile to help amplify the voice of your association. You wield the power and it’s your voice that needs to be heard.

Take the “redesign” of your website off of the planning table – your social media presence should be priority #1 for strategic growth in 2016. First, I recommend you evaluate your social media platform. What are you currently utilizing? Who do you want to reach? Who do you want following you? What kind of messaging are you getting out there? What do you want your future to look like?

Look, I know you’re busy, but this is important stuff – so get some help developing a strategy from your communications team or someone you hire from the outside. Everyone is moving into the social media realm and you don’t want your organization to be left in the dust. I’ve heard a lot of apprehension about this, but I encourage you to fully explore the opportunities available to you. I will keep you posted on my experiences and informed about what’s working and what’s not. But, my recommendation is to start now.