3 Things I Learned from Bosses

This weekend I reflected about my bosses who influenced me regarding leadership.  I jotted down tactics they used, and thought the ideas might help you.
1. To make the dash, you need the cash.  It continues to surprise me how many executives seem “above the fray” in regards to fundraising.  My experience is the best CEOs are prolific fundraisers who then have the resources to hire great people.  If you are the President/CEO, don’t forget to be the #1 salesperson.

2. Make a decision for cryin’ out loud.  Nothing frustrates a motivated team more than leaders paralyzed in the decision making process.

3. You have the opportunity to make someone’s day better, or worse.  Don’t you remember when a boss recognized your efforts…in a sincere way? It gave me a real charge and motivated my work for weeks.

My challenge to you this week: Makes a sales call, take decisive action and compliment a team members’ work every day.  You will be a better leader for it.