3 Reasons Your Sponsorship Program May Not Be Growing


If your sponsorship program has hit a wall – I’ve got three strategies that can take growth to a whole new level.

  • First and foremost, your sponsors want to deliver content to your members.

Sponsorship prospects want to be presented as thought leaders in the industry during your event; they want speaking opportunities; and, to participate in panel discussions. And, if your organization isn’t offering the chance to “use the mic”, they will spend their money with associations who are.

My team tells me the most requested offering by sponsors is the opportunity to deliver content in a live setting.   It is also the item most rejected by the association. I really believe you can move the needle if you are willing to embrace sponsors as content partners.

  • Secondly, Content Exclusivity is at the top of their list.

IEG, a leading consultant in corporate sponsorships tells us, one of the most important parts of a sponsorship program is category exclusivity. However, associations are very hesitant to offer naming rights for fear they may anger or alienate other sponsors in the space. Perhaps, but on the flip-side those folks might try to up their game and increase their sponsorship engagement to be more competitive.  I want to build some competitive demand in your sponsorship program.

A good example is, “The Safety Workshop, sponsored by ABC Company” … That’s what I’m talking about. Category exclusivity at a premium price.

  • And finally, the post-event conference call with each sponsor.

It must happen within 30 days and here’s why:  you need to get feedback about how the sponsorship performed. This will enable you to adjust it and possibly upgrade that sponsorship program.  Don’t forget to ask for a renewal on the spot!

If you missed my Sponsorship Webinar last week, contact me at jp@moerycompany.com to receive the webinar recording of “How to “Crush” Your Sponsorship Season.” I’m pulling for you.

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