3 Poorly Kept Secrets for a Big 4th Quarter


I’m fired up for a big…massive Q4. Can I have an amen? Here are 3 quick items, which may make it more possible for you.

 1)     First, if your data sucks – the sales team can’t work miracles. the #1 factor for sales success is an excellent, constantly nurtured list of prospects or potential new customers. I don’t care if you have the best sales team in the world, if the fundamentals aren’t in place you won’t succeed. To be honest, we have learned the hard way at The Moery Company. Good lists are the fuel a sales engine thrives on – whether we are prospecting for memberships or sponsorships or selling our own business.

In fact, I heard Kevin Plank, CEO at Under Armor speak about this topic at an Inc Conference a few weeks ago. He said, “I’m not an athletic wear company; I’m a data company.” That is why UA Is buying up fitness apps, so they know about your behavior and can leverage it into a more targeted sale. This applies the same way in the association world and small business game. The better data you have – the better your list is and the more successful you will be.

2)     I recommend associations focus on 3 areas at the same time with regard to membership. Acquisition, engagement, and retention. Your organization or small business needs someone in place overseeing a) who’s acquiring the customers, b) who’re engaging the customers to make them better partners and, 3) who’s signing them up again or retaining them? It may be one person in your organization, but those 3 separate functions must be addressed simultaneously.

3)     The third thing is what I call “The Rock Star.” Someone in your organization who is worth the price of membership and the cost of becoming a client in your company. These people have an unwavering expertise and must be showcased on your website, in briefings, and sales calls so they can import his or her knowledge base as a value prop for potential clients and members.

With these 3 strategies in place, business growth is well on its way up. If you have any questions on these, don’t hesitate to get in touch with me at jp@moerycompany.com.