How ‘Thank You’ Notes Have Changed My Life

JP Moery


In the last few weeks, I’ve started writing a thank you note every day. I’ve been amazed by the effect on me.

In business, we can often get in a zone, or a roll, or have big mo and just move on to the next activity or sales presentation.  But, to pause and pen a note of thanks to someone who has helped provides an intimate opportunity to reflect.

The time spent writing can also cause me to experience gratefulness. Every “specialist” in the area of self-improvement like Tony Robbins mentions the importance of being grateful taking pen to paper is a way to show gratitude to other people on God’s earth. And, performed daily is just a wonderful experience.

So, if you get a note from me, please know I truly appreciate your help. But the process of reaching out in this way (and changing my life experience in the process) is what I’ve become increasingly thankful for.

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