10 Business Start-Up Tips from JP Moery

#10.  Start.
Tossing and turning at a desk and in bed for years, there was a fire in the belly to start my own business.  Looking back three years later I can’t imagine working for “the man” ever again. And, this isn’t because my employment experiences were bad or with the wrong companies.  Quite the opposite.  However, I know many of you have the desire to begin and haven’t.  Someone once said, “Tomorrow is the Devil’s favorite word.”.

My advice is start today.  Here are some first steps to consider.

1. Set up an LLC.

2. Get a blog to deliver useful content to the target audience.

3. Don’t be afraid of having enough business.  Your concern day one is that no one will buy.  They will.  The challenge is ensuring the business model is priced effectively enough to survive.

4. Get your ego out of the way.  A fear of rejection will undermine success.  And, believe me, you’re going to hear “no” a lot.

5. You better start selling… because no one can articulate your passion, vision or value more effectively than you during the start up phase.

Tomorrow’s post –  #9. Building your business plan.